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i am still working on this blogging thing, and the exercise thing. i did fairly well this week. i did take thursday off since i apparently hurt or pulled my hip flexor, it hurt  even to walk, so thurs i didnt do anything. friday i did a what i thought would be an easy workout on exercise tv.com. it was called celebrity shred. i did it, and felt fine,by friday i was a bit sore in the legs. saturday i did a 10min kickbox from sparkpeople, and played around on my BILs bowflex, really justdid bicep curls, upright row, and bent rows, pulling 20lbs. PLUS did my pushups for my pushup challenge. total of 40pushups. working my way up. so here i am sunday, and SOOOO SORE.my inner thighs, and all chest/arm muscles are aching. but guess i am rebuilding muscle. i still havent gotten the nerve to post my bikini pics on here though. i just dont like them. maybe in a few more weeks.  i am starting the 30day shred monday,so ill be posting that progress. maybe ill do a tankini pic so i can show my progress w/o getting too undressed. lol. we’ll see what tomorrow brings. 🙂

i also have figured out that being on your knees and hammering a floor down is a good legs and butt workout too. did that yesterday at our new house. today finishing the peel/stick tile for the girls bathroom. so heres to a more creative workout.

have a good workout day too.



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  • syndi: you are doing so well. our measurements are very similar. I'm not even brave enough to post bare belly pics let alone bikini (not to mention I don'
  • tjcjlc99: i dont think you can, i think you just have to either burn the dvd or keep watching on the pc.
  • syndibee: good job on the water. can you record from netflix then you can collect all your dvd's??