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Posted on: July 7, 2009

hmm, its been a couple weeks, and a dear friend of mine, reminded me it was time foranother entry. thanks syndi. 🙂 well ive been doing the 30day shred about 3-5x a week. dh has tried it a few times in the evening w/ me. so thats nice. during the day when i know im shredding w/ dh, ive been focusing on cardio, walk away the pounds mostly. i got a new FIRM dvd; BURN AND SHAPE… i did about 10mins yesterday and its going back to netflix. too complicated of cardio for simple me. so today i did just the yoga booty ballet dvd that has been sitting neglected for some time. its always nice to change it up. i might actally find a few more on ebay sometime to change it up some more. i have been thinking about running lately. but i need new shoes, and time. too early before dh leaves for work, too hot right when he gets home, and too tired by evening when it cools off. although evening seems most appealing right now. i really wish i could get a double jogger so then i could go w/ the girls. Also on my wish list of things i want besides shoes, more dvds, and a heart rate monitor w/ cal counter, and an mp3 player too. then i think id be ALL set. LOL.
i havent taken new measurements lately, but dont really feel like ive lost much on inches or lbs. i am thinking im not eating enough useful calories, so i may start journaling my food so i can make sure i am not “starving” myself. that sounds so bad too. ugh. ok, so there is my latest update on exercise. and as for water drinking… somedays ive been drinking 32-40oz and others abut 16oz still, depending on the heat. ok, well ive gotta get doing some other stuff, so have an AWESOME DAY.


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  • syndi: you are doing so well. our measurements are very similar. I'm not even brave enough to post bare belly pics let alone bikini (not to mention I don'
  • tjcjlc99: i dont think you can, i think you just have to either burn the dvd or keep watching on the pc.
  • syndibee: good job on the water. can you record from netflix then you can collect all your dvd's??


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