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Posted on: June 19, 2009

doing the 30 day shred in 4 days, has to be a new record. so today i did a dvd called “10 min solutions; kickboxing” or something like that. its 5 separate 10min workouts, that involve kickboxin and hand weights. i really enjoy it, might need to put that on a buy list. i hope to do shred again either tomorrow, or start again on monday. eventually ill get to level 2, and nt have to deal with those evil shulderpress, and antierior raise moves. grrr. but oh well.

heres a separate thought. i am thinking about making a nother blog to post about everyday life and stuff like that soon. hope you will check back to see how that goes.

i hope to get some new measurements or stats ineither a week or 2 so  can see if i am actually making  noticeable difference. o rcheck pics. i did notice that in my pics from the last post, i do almost have some abs,but still not nice looking.

has anyone else notice that i cant stay on a subject too ong? or is just me being jumpy?

hope everyone has hada good workout and feels god.


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  • syndi: you are doing so well. our measurements are very similar. I'm not even brave enough to post bare belly pics let alone bikini (not to mention I don'
  • tjcjlc99: i dont think you can, i think you just have to either burn the dvd or keep watching on the pc.
  • syndibee: good job on the water. can you record from netflix then you can collect all your dvd's??


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