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Another Beginning

Posted on: May 18, 2009

This is the beginning of yet another blog. hopefully i wont forget about it like the other 2/3 that ive started. Its funny, I swear ive you used variations of the same user names for them all, but yet i cant get to them. HMMM, i guess a mamas brain can only remember so many variations of the same user name or password, or email address, especially when you use 3 different emails.
So, Ive been working out pretty regular for about a month or 2, and yet barely notice a difference. My problem is this… 1)i dont drink enough water. hate stuff. 2) not watching what i eat enough. I love sweets.
My sweet dh does notice a difference, and hates when i compare my body to that of a friend of mine that is 20yo, and has not as he says “popped out 3 kids”. he does have a point. my problem area is that lower tummy pooch, i know the mommys know what i am talking about. i think i see my self differently than those that look at me.
the point of this blog at this point is to make myself accountable for my actions, whether it is what i am eating, or doing. hopefully i can eventually see a difference, like sweet dh does. maybe im just crazy though too. and ill forever nt see myself how am. eventually maybe ill post a few pics.. but only time will tell if forget the password or username for yet another blog, to be lost forever on the archives on some site. Have a great day…

BTW- i did do a great sweat making workout today. I LOVE the FIRM dvds. I did the 40 min”GET CHISL’D” dvd. so hopefully ill drink my water like a good girl today too.


1 Response to "Another Beginning"

You’ll get there. Stay with me on this 🙂
I don’t see the changes in myself either.
Rely on your tape measure and your DH’s comments.

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  • syndi: you are doing so well. our measurements are very similar. I'm not even brave enough to post bare belly pics let alone bikini (not to mention I don'
  • tjcjlc99: i dont think you can, i think you just have to either burn the dvd or keep watching on the pc.
  • syndibee: good job on the water. can you record from netflix then you can collect all your dvd's??


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