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I am slowly getting back into the groove of things. On tuesday i did a 20min exercisetv.com workout, which was decent. got a slight sweat from it. Yesterday, i was busy cleaning the house afor our appraisal, so didnt get a workout in until jl got home. and i definately needed a break from the kids. so i took a 20min bike ride, and rode approximately 4miles. i so wish i could do that during the day and not just have to wait for him to get home.  but it felt good. changing the netflix movies this week, and will be getting a different FIRM dvd, plus have a connection to get me the 30 day shred w/ jillian michaels dvd too. so ill have something to alternate with.

as for my water and eating.. eh, water ive been getting at least 20-24oz, which is an improvement compared to none. but still orking on it. and eating, im addicted to chocolate, and white poatoes w/ butter and garlic. hmmm, not together, but still not the best eating plan either. so working to find something else for my lunch besidse the potato.

so thats where i am at right now.


because that is exactl what i am lately. to begin with, this isnt an excuse really not to exercise, but why i didnt exercise. Justin got laid off work weds. so thursday, he was home. i HATE having him home watching me workout. so nothing that day. Then friday we were out of town for our anniversary(yay 10 yrs), so nothing. Saturday we were busy doing movies and then went tochicago for a george strait concert, so nothing then either. sunday we went to yet another movie, and just hung out, so nothing again. here we are on monday, a fed holiday, so he is home again. btw- he did find work but starts again on tues. so HOPEFULLY i can get back on track, do my workouts and drink my water. i really will be trying to do good again. i know i wont change the way i look if i dont.so heres to that.

have a great day, and get to work…ing out again.

day 2…

Posted on: May 19, 2009

and i didnt forget any of my info. lol.

i drank 24oz of water last night. so i am getting a little better.  I did the same workout this morning, and have drunk 8oz as of right now.  so i am slowly going to get my water intake in. it really does help not having the pop inthe house for me. I add crystal light to some of it, but that isnt nearly as bad as actual pop. funny thing is, its almosttoo sweet. but ill take it over plain water most the time.

i sure wish i could just buy some of the FIRM dvds, instead of having to get them from netflix.it would be so much easier than having to keep doing the same one, then send it in, and wait 3 days to get the next one.

wow, i wasnt sore this morning from yest exercise, but sitting herefor 10 min then standing, i sure am feeling it. ow. ok, thats all for today, perhaps ill update later in the day about how i am dong w/ my water.

This is the beginning of yet another blog. hopefully i wont forget about it like the other 2/3 that ive started. Its funny, I swear ive you used variations of the same user names for them all, but yet i cant get to them. HMMM, i guess a mamas brain can only remember so many variations of the same user name or password, or email address, especially when you use 3 different emails.
So, Ive been working out pretty regular for about a month or 2, and yet barely notice a difference. My problem is this… 1)i dont drink enough water. hate stuff. 2) not watching what i eat enough. I love sweets.
My sweet dh does notice a difference, and hates when i compare my body to that of a friend of mine that is 20yo, and has not as he says “popped out 3 kids”. he does have a point. my problem area is that lower tummy pooch, i know the mommys know what i am talking about. i think i see my self differently than those that look at me.
the point of this blog at this point is to make myself accountable for my actions, whether it is what i am eating, or doing. hopefully i can eventually see a difference, like sweet dh does. maybe im just crazy though too. and ill forever nt see myself how am. eventually maybe ill post a few pics.. but only time will tell if forget the password or username for yet another blog, to be lost forever on the archives on some site. Have a great day…

BTW- i did do a great sweat making workout today. I LOVE the FIRM dvds. I did the 40 min”GET CHISL’D” dvd. so hopefully ill drink my water like a good girl today too.


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  • syndi: you are doing so well. our measurements are very similar. I'm not even brave enough to post bare belly pics let alone bikini (not to mention I don'
  • tjcjlc99: i dont think you can, i think you just have to either burn the dvd or keep watching on the pc.
  • syndibee: good job on the water. can you record from netflix then you can collect all your dvd's??